Awards and honours

I have already won many awards and recieved honours for my  work: 

In 2013 I won the third place with the theatregroup Theaterbox at the  Hamburger Children Theatre Prize for our play „Edels garden“, the Wilhelmsburger Wintermärchen 2011. This award also expressed an appreciation of our constant work in the Hamburg children theatre scene.

In 2013, I was chosen as a participant for the  Academy for Childrens Media, where I enjoyed advanced training around the media business and was supported by my mentor Armin Prediger in the development of „Bubbly Brains“, my animated series for elementary school kids.

It was also a special honour for me to be chosen for the Schreiblabor 2007 of the  Literaturhaus Hamburg, being invited to the Frankfurter Autorenforum 2008 and being awarded a scholarship for the Dramatikerbörse Nenzing in 2009.

In summer 2014, I was also chosen for the Literaturkolleg with Nora Gomringer at Burg Ranis .

In 2015, I was chosen for the Autorencamp at the Wendland Shorts Filmfestival and my pitch there was laudably mentioned by the panel of judges.

In 2015, I was elected for the management board of the Union of German Writers Hamburg and am very proud to be organising events for great colleagues.

2015 I was invited to the masterclass „From series script to book series“ in collaboration with Bastei Lübbe publisher at the Tatort Eifel festival.

In 2017, my animation series concept „Bubbly Brains“ was chosen for the KIDS Film Pro Exchange Day at Berlinale including a free mentoring with Philipp LaZebnik.

Some of the films I have been involved in as a writer have also won prizes:

I have also had some success with my short stories: