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tag-der-poesie: On the 21st of March, I’ll be part of a public reading on the international day of poetry between 2 and 4 pm at the Tropenhaus Planten un Blomen, which I’m also organising for the Group of German Writers Hamburg.


My animation series concept „Bubbly Brains“ was chosen for the KIDS Film Pro Exchange Day at Berlinale. It was a pleasure to meet many interesting people and get a free mentoring with Philipp LaZebnik!


On SundayI was interviewed live on Hamburg local radio station and journalist Gaby Helbig talked to me about my writing in her radio show „Jazz Maniac„.


skalar-3_neu-1-227x300I’ve found a production company for my feature „Kämpferherzen (A fighters heart)“ which I’ve developed based on an idea by Christoph Schuhmann: Rike Steyer and her Hamburg-based company SkalarFilm! I’m really looking forward to our collaboration.



dsc0046My exposé for the autobiographical feature film „India calling“ for actress Sushila Sara Mai is finally ready for pitching to production companies. She recently talked about our collaboration on a Bavarian radio show (in German).




I’m the new creative manager for the video website „Bettermakers“ funded by the Human Rights Foundation Hamburg. We are creating a digital space for young people to discuss about social topics in creative way and I’m just organising the first workshops in local schools with a wonderful team!






img_4910Our annual kids theatre Wilhelmsburger Wintermärchen 2016 „Lucie und die Traumwanderer (Lucy and the dream walkers)“ has been a huge success and the local TV even did a special about our show interviewing me and director Julius Jensen!




430px-albert_ballin_2I’m collaborating with history expert Hans Dijk from Den Haag on a play concept about Hamburg HAPAG manager Albert Ballin and his tragic death in 1918 for 2018. We have been meeting with  partners Deutsches Ballinstadt museum and I’m excited to take things from there.




creativewritingclub1I’m starting to write for the blog and do some promotion for UK-based Creative Writing Club, a very interesting website for helping kids to create their own stories. I’m very excited to work on this innovative project for founder and fellow author Robin Price.


20170128_124616Last Saturday I gave a lecture on creativity games and we had a great workshop with my beloved colleagues of the Academy for Childrens Media once again.


img_2647This was our last workshop, which was also extremely inspiring!





fhb_logoI’ll be giving two seminars for Filmschool Hamburg Berlin about writing for a kids audience and writing within storyworlds during the next half-a-year and I feel honoured to have been asked to work for this well-known institute!


In Hamburg I’m teaching creative writing for the Fantastic Teens by 20170120_200919Annette Pauw which is an initative organising creative writing opportunities for all of Hamburgs teens. I’m working with young refugees for PLAN Deutschland e.V.  and recovering addicts at the moment, which is just as challenging as it is exciting!



I’m very happy to be a new member of ASIFA (International Animated Film Society) and Hamburger Autorenvereinigung, two very exciting writers associations.



270de8_c78083bb39a64b65a19433d7ece21c6dGood news from Norway: Animation series „Popcorn Pictures“ and animation feature „Sled Zeppelin“ have won a Norwegian grant of  about 10.000 Euro for development!
270de8_1fac9b46eb604f59be84177f8a2912d0I’m working on both with Nick Simons und Camilla Storm of Norwegian company Sprocket. I was commissioned with an episode script and was creative advisor for another episode.







Wisecrack-std@2xI’ve been commissioned by Wise Crack and their founder Jared Bauer from L.A. to write an episode about Tyler Durden for their media-philosophical Youtube-channel „Deeper meaning in your favourite stuff“. This is an amazing opportunity for me to use my scietific background in media studies and write for an international animation job!



I am a young german writer, who works mainly as a screenwriter for Film and TV, but also writes theater plays and a little prose. Aditionally, I work as a dramatic adviser in theatre and with scripts, as I develop ideas through all stages from the first thought to the final re-writing. 

I have developed technically on different levels over the years and have build a professional basis for my work as a writer by a multisided education in this area.

Right now I am working on some different projects and enjoy pushing all my ideas forward while working with creative people!