Theatre plays

Many of my plays have already had their debut performance:


Director Ira Schuer, actor Lucas Herrmann and me during rehearsals)

  • 2006 was the debut performance of my play „Mole“ in the Lutherchurch Hamburg, directed by Ira Schuer.

 csm_hoehenflug2_7774485a47(Matthias Winter)

csm_hoehenflug1_bab2d7d6b4(Juri Pargätzi, Anna Kiesow and Clara Wolff)


  • In 2010 my play  “Flying high  for the Young VHS had its debut performance in the Sprechwerk, it was directed by Alina Gregor and Nicole Kleiner.
  • Also in 2010 my play In another life, I would have been an actresshad its debut performance at the Deutsches Schauspielhaus Hamburg directed by Gunter Mieruch during the backstage-festival.

_MG_0689( Marielu Strehlow and Lea Zierott, a picture by Hergen Schimpf)

index1(Monika Reinboth and Werner Justen, a picture by Hergen Schmipf)

  • In 2011 there was also the debut performance of my radio ballet „Climate change“ for the Young VHS.
  • 2017 I’m working on a concept for a play about famous Hamburg HAPAG shipowner Albert Ballin. History expert Hans Dejk from Den Haag has commissioned me and our potential partners Deutsche Schauspielhaus and Ballinstadt Museum are in to plan a show for the 100th aniversary of Ballins suicide in 2018 .

My plays have also been publicly presented in readings and played in parts on numerous occasions: