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Awards and honours

I am very happy about all the awards which show the appreciation for my work:

With my theatre projects, I have been invited to many workshops f.e. in Austria and was able to secure the Hamburg Childrens Theatre award multiple times.

My films have been shown at numerous international festivals and in cinemas as well as on TV, also I have gathered some film fundings.

My short stories have been awarded at writing competitions and published in lots of anthologies.

Also I was invited to several podcasts to talk about my work and I am a member in many networks to be connected to other creative people.

Award ceremony Childrens theatre award / Hamburger Kindertheaterpreis (Copyright: Esther Kaufmann)


“Bardo” (Copyright: Jan Wilde)
“Bardo” (Copyright: Jan Wilde)


  • Since 2008: short films shown at different international film festivals f.e. the Ambulart-Festival in South America, Internationales Filmfest Braunschweig, Filmfestival Alzey and the AeroeShortFilm in Ærøskøbing/Denmark
    2015 writers camp Autorencamp at the der Wendland Shorts film festival, honorable mention by the jury for my kids animation series “Bubbly Brains”
  • 2016 public funding by the Norwegian Film Fund for the kids animation series “Popcorn Pictures” by Sprocket
  • 2018 project funding by the Viborg Animation Workshops for the prototype of the app based kids animation series “Child and life” (with Kay Delventhal)
  • 2019 nominee for the Germanys Next Animation Talent Award at the International Trickfilmfestival Stuttgart
  • 2020 script funding within the 3×3 program of the MOIN film fund for the animation feature “Alias secret” (Production: Fabian und Fred)
(Copyright: Luaga und Losna)


(Copyright: WiFT / Catherine Lieser)

Interviews / Podcasts:

  • 2013 Interview in the TV show Literaturcocktail on TIDE TV by Cornelia Kirwald
  • 2019 Interview for the Inklucast by Christian Ohrens
  • 2020 Interview for the Hamburger Volkshochschule
  • 2020 Interview for the Zeitstiftung
  • 2021 Interview for the Podcast of Women in Film and Television

With Valentin Döring at the writers congress (Copyright: VS)