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Theater offers by Esther Kaufmann
“Edels Garten” with Charlotte Pfeiffer
(copyright: Laura Afolter)


The intensity of stage work has been fascinating me ever since I was little. Today I am writing and developing plays for the theatre. Also I am consulting for stage projects and with my artist collective THEATERBOX I’m responsible for fundraising and project management as well. Also I have a great network and a good connection to the cultural politicians.

I especially love developing new formats and am always thinking participative. With sound dramaturgical methods I am happy to untie the knots within concepts and constellations of rehearsals. My own plays focus on playfully questioning social norms. I always have an eye on the youngest audience and love the challenge of funny kids theatre which takes the small ones seriously.

Project management:

Besides the content-related work, I am also experienced in project management for theatre productions because being a freelancer I love organizing and keeping an eye on the big picture anyways. I take care of fundraising and financial procedures with my good communication skills and transparent time management.

This way I have the chance to make projects happen according to my very own vision and the needs of my own team. I take on this responsibility f.e. for my artist collective THEATERBOX and the area of fundraising for the German writers guild / Verband Deutscher SchriftstellerInnen. Additionally I was responsible for the theatre part of the Wutzrock festival and I built the youth video platform Bettermakers for the Hamburger Initiative für Menschenrechte as the project manager.

“Vikis Geheimnis” with Meike Lehmann

(copyright: Azizah Hocke / THEATERBOX)

Esther-Kaufmann-mit-Julius-Jensen-THEATERBOX-Wilhelmsburger-Wintemarchen-Reise-durch-Schlaraffien-Honigfabrik Angelika Baumgartner
“Schlarrafien” with Angelika Baumgartner

(copyright: Azizah Hocke / THEATERBOX)


Within my own plays, I want to encourage the audience to start thinking and dive deeply into the content. Because to me theatre in itself is an extremely open art form with a lot of freedom to work very associativity.

I prefer fictional narration to pure performance whoever the audience is (kids, teens or grown-ups) I focus of telling a story and take my audience seriously without forgetting the funny aspects.


Working as a dramaturgical consultant I love the collaborative process of development. I like to work with all kinds of theatre people and am experienced in respectfully and efficiently including amateurs. My skills in project management helps me to keep a production on track even in times of crisis.

I love most to help theatre teams with my passion for strong plays, innovative ways of tackling things and the input of my profound research work.

THEATERBOX-Team with Anna Meyer, Moritz Grabbe, Azizah Hocke, Christopher Ammann, Patricia Royo and Johannes Nehlsen

(copyright: Azizah Hocke / THEATERBOX)

  • “Esther Kaufmann brings a sharp dramaturgical eye to the work, which allows you to just get started without getting lost. She also manages to keep creative minds together on an interpersonal level.”
    Christopher Ammann (actor)
  • “It was very great working with you. You organize everything very clearly and are very helpful. I like the way you work as a team and how you make decisions as a team.”
    Solomiia Dyshliuk (Voice Artist)
  • “The result of our very relaxed and great collaboration was a play about the life of Albert Ballin that, in my opinion, was a perfect representation. The collaboration with Esther was so great and special because Esther had worked out the scenes and the entire play perfectly and also had the brilliant idea of ​​staging the play in a very lively manner at the Emigration Museum in Hamburg.”
    Hans Dijk (Dutch historian and project initiator of “My field is the world – Ballin, the emperor’s shipowner)
  • “Esther is an incredibly reliable person who quickly, clearly and sincerely provides new and unexpected impulses in our collaboration that move us forward. She is also a loving mother who shows that in an equal partnership, compatibility is possible and love for one another Her job and her child are allowed to coexist. She quickly finds solutions to problems and tasks that put others off and works out ways to implement them with her wonderful linguistic fluency.”
    Annika Mendrala (opera singer and board member of Bühnenmütter e.V.)