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About me

(Copyright: Laura Afolter)

I am a Hamburg-based writer and am mainly writing in the scenical field for theatre and TV/Film as well as games. I am also working as a consultant and am helping others with ideas or final polishing. For my project partners, I am creating stories with a strong backbone and I am a never ceasing source of ideas and impulses. Additionally I am teaching by doing creative workshops and am actively engaged with cultural politics all around literature. My main target group are kids. Also I have a passion for series and adaptations as well as historical projects.

How I am shaping our collaboration:

  • Based in Hamburg, I like to work also for the international market.

  • I can initiate an exchange of knowledge and sharing of expertise.

  • I am readily available for working with schools and create events, especially during daytime.

  • I prefer working face-to-face because of my interactive approach, but I can also offer online formats.

  • I am always interested in working on political, current and important topics.

THEATERBOX-Team with Azizah Hocke, Anna Meyer, Patricia Royo, Johannes Nehlsen and Julius Jensen (Copyright: Laura Afolter)

I have been writing ever since I could hold a pen. Later I went to study media studies and German language and literature. In over 25 years of creative freelance work I have build a diverse portfolio for myself including my experience with different topics and media.

Through a diverse education I have gained a lot of knowledge – at the Academy for Childrens media I have studied animation writing as a masterclass and I have been to many writing classes f.e. The writing lab / Schreiblabor at the Literaturhaus Hamburg.
When I am working closely with customers or other creatives form my wide network, I always have an eye on the whole picture because I a frequently responsible for project management also.

With my very own stories and my profound story input I want to playfully encourage people to come out of their shell, let their creativity run wild and start thinking deeply about all the small and bis questions of gender and childhood, capitalism, outer space and peace.