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 Literature offers from Esther Kaufmann
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I love literature, even if fiction books are not the type of text I personally love to write. Still I am very passionate about books, there is no day I don’t read and literature is one of the main gates to art itself in my opinion. I am actively engaged in cultural politics as the president of the German writer guild / Verband Deutscher SchriftstellerInnen. Organizing as well as moderating public readings and publishing anthologies about socially relevant topics are others tasks I take care of.


I value the live aspect of public readings which can directly engage with the audience. I’m especially fond of bigger reading events with lots of creatives involved f.e. At the same time at many different places or for a couple of days in a row. According to this, my focus is on collective group readings to different topics which I organize, moderate and also sometimes read my own texts. And I like innovative formats like poetry slams against racism on the 9th of November or readings with live music.

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When I am consulting for book projects, I have a focus on supporting my colleagues. I like helping with serial projects because I have a lot of experience with serial projects and looking into the serial potential of content. Mostly I work with fictional texts and enjoy reading manuscripts. Thanks to my various creative writing classes I am always on top when it comes to content and I have a lot of experience with including others into my literary expertise, even though I myself am more involved in writing scripts and plays instead of books.

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As a publisher I take on all tasks together with my colleagues from the board of the German writers guild / Verband Deutscher SchriftstellerInnen – from concepts of book projects to proof reading and finally the marketing for the final books. We are publishing a new anthology yearly and have cooperated with different publishing houses so far.

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Esther-Kaufmann-with-BjA-Tobias-Kiwitt-at the Writers' Congress
With Tobias Kiwitt at the writers’ conference
(copyright: VS Hamburg)
  • “Esther is a sharp and humorous sparring partner. She helped me improve the narrative structure of my non-fiction book. I benefited greatly from her feedback because she was able to clearly explain to me where there were problems and what she as a reader was missing in order to follow my story “Esther still has a new method up her sleeve, so we found solutions that felt right to me. It was structured work with a good workflow.”
    Maxie Schreiber (author)
  • “If you’re looking for honest, constructive and professional collaboration, you’ve come to the right place with Esther. I learned to appreciate Esther during a writing course. Through her demanding commitment, she motivated the group to achieve top performance and got the best out of every participant. Thank you very much again!”
    Jutta Meinhold (children’s book author)
  • “What I appreciate about Esther is her friendly and open nature. When it comes to communication, she manages to appear personal and professional at the same time. Esther Kaufmann is a reliable and empathetic author colleague. She demonstrates her know-how in the field of theater dramaturgy every year with the Wilhelmsburger Wintermärchen. As part of her work as an author, she regularly takes part in readings in Hamburg and also occasionally leads the Jour Fixe of the VS Hamburg with current topics tailored to the needs of the authorship.”
    Christine Sterly-Paulsen and Christina Oskui (authors and board members of the Association of German Writers)
  • “I had – in my eyes – a perfect children’s book concept, but the manuscript wasn’t completely rounded. I didn’t know where I could tweak things to give the whole thing more “click” and dynamism. After 3 wonderful meetings I finally got the manuscript that I could only wish for. In the short amount of time, Esther managed to explore unnecessary lengths/personas/sideshows and crystallize the story to its essence so that it gave it more excitement and speed She also writes film scripts, transferred directly to the manuscript. Esther led a children’s book writing seminar, which I attended this weekend. Her positive, productive and humorous way of conveying topics and tackling a writing project impressed me. Esther works very concentrated, focused and efficient, and she also conveys criticism extremely charmingly and always with great respect and humor. She is a fountain full of ideas and possibilities and I would ask Esther for help again at any time.”
    Mareike Milde (children’s book author)
  • “What I like about Esther is her reliability, honesty, clarity and great enthusiasm.”
    Olivia Osterburg (children’s book author)
  • “My creative chaos was big and beautiful, but unsorted. Then Esther came – and my creative chaos was appreciated and systematically brought into a form. She takes my ideas and doubts seriously and gives me the impulses I need to move things forward or to let go.”
    Roth Frobeen (author)
  • “Esther has been active for authors for many years. She also demonstrated her pleasant manner and reliability at our peace reading, which was organized at short notice for World Human Rights Day in Hamburg. Thank you very much.”
    Tobias Kiwitt (BVjA board spokesman, executive board member of the PEN Center Germany)