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Transmediale Angebote von Esther Kaufmann

(copyright: Laura Afolter)

Transmedia projects

As a story teller I think it is very exciting to tell stories in unusual ways and try out new things. This is why I like to experiment in the field of transmedia projects and the digital world. An app combining childen books and animation series? No problem – I already developed it together with Kay Delventhal and a grand by the Viborg animation Workshop.

I have profound technical basic knowledge and am able to think about what needs the technology brings while developing content. With this I benefit from my cross-media experience with stories which also helps me f.e. to identify story motors for bigger worlds. My focus on scenical writing makes sure that good dialogue is always at the heart of what I do.


I have a big interest in gaming mechanisms in general and am privately very much engaged in Larp, legacy boardgames, escape rooms and pen and paper roleplaying. I have already had the chance to work on the app based underwater-farming game “Aquapolis“ as well as the PC based game for 6-10 year old based on the Schleich brand, “Horse Club Adventures“. Because of my serial work in film, I am able to keep in mind the whole world of games / VR experiences and I know about specialties like the relevance of audio cues and the challenges of branching story lines. Within my pedagogical work I am very close to the consumers and thus have a great feel for their needs as well as knowledge about testing content.

(copyright: Candy Grill)

(copyright: Lauscherlounge)

Audio projects:

The audio aspect is a very pure way of telling stories because you don’t have a lot of means to tell everything. This purely dialog based medium fits very well to my experience with writing dialogue.

With “Lady Bedfort and death at the theatre / Lady Bedfort und der Tod im Theater“ I have already written an audio play for the series “Lady Bedfort“ by the publisher Hörplanet as well as worked on a radio ballet for the Junge Volkshochschule Hamburg for the climate conference.


My general joy with experimenting has led me to prototyping unusual products and just making crazy ideas reality. I am always keen on weird projects out of my comfort zone, concerning sub cultures and unknown corners.

I have written the script for the talking toy dog of Asian SBV Group Ltd and have done workshops including comic apps.

Peer to peer Academy with v.l.n.r. Silke Schirok, Sophia Bizer and Hanna Lenz

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