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Esther Kaufmann von Catherine Lieser

(copyright: Catherine Lieser)

Esther Kaufmann

– writer, consultant, creative mind!
With my creative work, I want to create a change in people, give them food for thought and tell stories that make people curious and leave them in a different state of mind. I love most to let my creativity run free together with interesting collaborators and to be free to dive into different topics, characters and worlds with each new project.
Eyes wide open I marvel at all the topics moving me and the world around me, I dive head first into research and play with the magic of words.

Some of my projects

  • Esther-Kaufmann-Lesung-Poetry-Slam-Impro-Gluckliche-Gegenstande-Writers-Room-Auster-Bar-Flamingo
    (Copyright: Glückliche Gegenstände / Writers Room)

    I love innovative formats and literature projects! At the poetry impro slam „Happy things / Glückliche Gegenstände“ by the Writers Room HH I won the competition.

  • Esther-Kaufmann-mit-Franziska-Biermann-Schulhausroman-Abschluss-Lesung-cLiteraturhaus-Hamburg_Fotograf-Martin-Jaschke
    (Copyright: Literaturhaus Hamburg, Fotograf Martin Jaschke)

    I am teaching creative writing and theatre mainly for kids and teens and develop stories with them, f.e. for the classroom novel / Schulhausroman by the Literaturhaus Hamburg.

  • Esther-Kaufmann-Ballin-der-Reeder-des-Kaisers-BallinStadt-Museum-Johannes-Nehlsen-Anna-Matz
    (Copyright: Azizah Hocke)

    Mein Feld ist die Welt – Ballin, der Reeder des Kaisers“ is a historical theatre project that debuted site-specific in the BallinStadt museum. I wrote the play and was general project manager.

  • Esther-Kaufmann-Bubbly-Brains-Akademie-fur-Kindermedien-Armin-Prediger-Falvia-Scuderi
    (Copyright: Esther Kaufmann)

    At the Academy for Childrens Media / Akademie für Kindermedien I developed my animation series „Bubbly Brains“, which was represented by Gotham Group L.A. As an agency and in 2019 nominated for Germanys Next Animation Talent.

  • Esther-Kaufmann-Lichthof-Theater-Lovegames-Verkehrsberuhigte-Zonen
    (Copyright: Lichthof Theater)

    At the Lichthof Theatre I developed the play „Lovegames – Verkehrsberuhigte Zonen“ together with non-professional actors. It is about couples therapy and crazy constellations of relationships.

  • Esther Kaufmann Horse Club PC Spiel Schleich WIld River
    (Copyright: Schleich / WIld River Games)

    For the PC game „Horse Club“ based of the toy world of Schleich I was writing dialogues as well as developing the story arc with Wild River Games.

  • Steffen Schmidt Mit Bobby an meiner Seite Esther Kaufmann Kurzfilm
    (Copyright: Steffen Schmidt)

    With director Steffen Schmidt I wrote the scripts for part 2 and 3 of the children short series „With Bobby by my side / Mit Bobby an meiner Seite“, which was shown on TV on NRWision.

    • “Thanks to Esther, a great, humorous play on the topic of friendship was created, consisting of many small individual scenes and sketches, all of which were designed, co-written by the students and finally performed in front of a huge audience. I admire her great openness towards children and young people and her real interest – all suggestions are taken seriously – as well as her warmth and her enthusiasm for the language, writing and games. There is also always a clear structure (but she is also always ready to go overboard throw). Thank you very much!”
      Marcus Sander (teacher at the Goetheschule Harburg)
    • “Esther is reliable, committed above average, technically brilliant and it is a pleasure to conduct workshops and seminars with her.”
      Frank Scheerer (museum educator, Jewish studies expert and author)
    • “I had to find a suitable expert for a youth writing workshop. Whoosh, she was there. And gave the library interested young people who got insights into creative writing and a nice workshop. I particularly appreciate Esther’s open, uncomplicated nature!”
      Henrike Lehmann (Head of the Wandsbek Book Hall)

      Some recent projects

      • Esther-Kaufmann-Animation-Feature-MOIN-Filmforderung-3x3-Alias-Secret-mit-Frederic-Schuld-fur-Fabian-und-Fred
        (Copyright: Fabian und Fred)

        I am working with my co-writer Fred Schuld on the animation feature “Alias secret“ (production company: Fabian und Fred) for which we got developmental funding by the MOIN film fund.

      • Esther-Kaufmann-mit-Johannes-Nehlsen-THEATERBOX-Wilhelmsburger-Wintemarchen-Konig-und-Traumer-Honigfabrik-Team
        (Copyright: Rüdiger Tillmann / THEATERBOX)

        On 26th of November 2022 my next Wilhelmsburger Wintermärchen kids theatre show called „A winter nights dream / Ein Winternachtstraum“ will debut. With my artist collective THEATERBOX we have been creating kids theatre shows for 14 years now and this time are writing a play for elementary school kids based on Shakespeares Midsummernights dream.

      • Esther-Kaufmann-mit-Annika-Medrala-Buhnenmutter-Spielplatz
        (Copyright: Esther Kaufmann / Bühnenmütter)

        I am very happy to be a parts of the new network “Bühnenmütter / stage mums” and I am responsible for taking care of Northern Germany. We are networking a colleagues with kids to advocate change in the social and professional structures for theatre workers.

      • Esther-Kaufmann-Creative-Future-Academy-mit-Henrike-Berg-Mentorin-Hamburg-Kreativ-Gesellschaft
        (Copyright: Catherine Lieser)

        As part of the Creative Future Academy of the Hamburg Kreativgesellschaft I am working on my digital presentation with my wonderful mentor Henrike Berg and am learning a lot about social media.

      • Esther-Kaufmann-Irmelin-Fuchs-Roman-Lektorat-fur-Ruth-Frobeen-Covergestaltung-Eva-Geiselberg-Coverfoto-iStock-alexkotlov
        (Copyright: Ruth Frobeen, Covergestaltung: Eva Gieselberg, Coverfoto: iStock alexkotlov

        This fall „Irmelin Fuchs“ came out. It is the fourth novel by Ruth Frobeen that I have been working on with her as a story consultant. This creative partnership means a lot to me and I hope the book will have many great public readings!