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“MIt Bobby an meiner Seite 3” (Copyright: Steffen Schmidt)
“Lange Schatten” (Copyright: Franz Indra)


  • In 2011 I was the co-writer for the short film “Bardo” about death being a ferry man (director: Jan Wilde, production: KHM Köln/Vision X), which was shown at the Cottbusser Filmfestival 2012 and won the Und bitte award.

  • For director and producer Steffen Schmidt in 2014 I wrote the kids short film “With Bobby by my side 2 / Mit Bobby an meiner Seite 2″ and in 2015 I wrote the next part “With Bobby by my side 3 / Mit Bobby an meiner Seite 3″. The films are about a group of kids who become friends through the adventures of cuddly teddy bear Bobby.

  • For the kids animation series “The little star / Der kleine Stern“ based on a Berlin theatre project I developed the series bible and wrote an episode about the adventures within a black hole in 2020 (production: Ohrfilm / Chrizlie Medien).

  • Since 2020 I am working on the animation feature “Alias secret” together with my co-writer Frederik Schuld for his production company Fabian und Fred. We got funding by the MOIN film fund to tell our story about the local colonization history and the real character of the princess of Sansibar combined with a family adventure about the family secret of the bird kids within a fish world.