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With Anna Matz, Johannes Nehlsen and Stephan Möller-Titel (Copyright: Esther Kaufmann / Foto: Bo Lahola)


  • Since 2009 I am developing plays for the Wilhelmsburger Wintermärchen. With our artist collective THEATERBOX we are coming up with a new play each year targeting children 6-10 years old and writing about a hot topic from their daily life (until 2019 directed by Julius Jensen in the Honigfabrik).

  • In 2011 I wrote the play “Lovegames – Verkehrsberuhigte Zonen“ (director: Sabine Middel) together with non-professional actors for the Lichthof theatre, which is about couples therapy and crazy love constellations.

  • Mein Feld ist die Welt – Ballin, der Reeder des Kaisers” was a play I wrote which debuted in 2018 in the Ballinstadt museum (director: Julius Jensen). As a site-specific project it is about the historical character of Albert Ballins and the relevance of the Jewish ship owner as well as the time of World War 1 today.

  • Together with Mikub e.V. I wrote the kids play “Space ship future / Raumschiff Zukunft“ in 2022 together with students in the Uckermark dealing with dystopian and Utopian thoughts about the future. It debuted in the primary school Milmersdorf and was shown again at the MKC Templin (director: Annika Lachnitt).