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“Vikis Geheimnis” with Meike Lehmann (Copyright: Azizah Hocke / THEATERBOX)

Project management

Besides the content-related work, I am also experienced in project management for theatre productions because being a freelancer I love organizing and keeping an eye on the big picture anyways. I take care of fundraising and financial procedures with my good communication skills and transparent time management.

This way I have the chance to make projects happen according to my very own vision and the needs of my own team. I take on this responsibility f.e. for my artist collective THEATERBOX and the area of fundraising for the German writers guild / Verband Deutscher SchriftstellerInnen. Additionally I was responsible for the theatre part of the Wutzrock festival and I built the youth video platform Bettermakers for the Hamburger Initiative für Menschenrechte as the project manager.